Travel Inspiration: Colors for everywear

Summer 2014 has brought us many exciting trends. Our latest is travel, and we like it so much, we’re going to be devoting multiple weeks to exploring it in different ways!

International travel is intoxicating. Hopefully, you have had the opportunity to get away somewhere wonderful, or have plans to do so.   If not, or if you just haven’t had enough, let us take you on a journey through this look.
To start, think bazaar. From the Persian word for market, open-air bazaars can be found all over the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. Western voyagers have often found themselves enchanted by the chaotic mixture of new colors, smells, textures, and, of course, deals! To this day, you can walk through exotic streets in Rabat, Nairobi, or Jakarta, and experience the same heady thrill!
This trend takes us on a journey full of beads and colors and coins and fun! Put on layers of necklaces and bracelets without thinking and walk out the door. 
Artisan Bracelet Blue/Green $55 | Earrings (similar) $20 | Scarf $25
Forgot your shoes? That’s okay, flip-flops are all you need and they are in your bag! Your easy-going, elegant cool will take you to lunch by the beach, tea at the grand hotel, cocktails by the pool, straight into the club where the music draws you.
At lou lou, we are loving this travel trend. Our next look will not need a plane ticket, but a map straight across route 66!
Travel anywhere, anytime- around the block or around the world- join lou lou as we celebrate this great release!

Bon voyage!


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