2014 Recap - Guest Post

Another year has come and gone in the fashion world – so  why am I not ready to let go? I couldn’t be more excited for some of the upcoming trends of 2015 including this year’s Pantone Color: Marcella – but more on that later.

For now, I want to pay tribute to some of the great trends of 2014! I think my obsession with last year fashion is that I can, and I plan on, bringing my 2014 style right into this New Year!! Giving a positive light to: “that was so last season” – this year will be a combination of the old and the new, because I’m just not ready to completely say goodbye to all the fabulously fashionable things that we explored last year. Let’s take another look…


From Radiant Orchid at every corner last spring, to Color Blocking madness and Moroccan Impression spicing up our summer months - I couldn't help but embrace the COLOR!


Speaking of color - we had a number of color specific trends popping up last year that I simply LOVE! I couldn't get enough of the Turquoise trend especially when combined with a touch of red - I may have too much turquoise now (said no one ever)! Winter Nudes was a whole new concept that I am still experimenting with, especially now that the snow has come, and SURPRISE I'm hooked!


Delicate Jewelry is about to make it's grand entrance in 2015 - so our 2014 Collection was simply a "sneak peek" of what's to come! Simply accessorized ... we all need more of this in our life.


There was so much more from last year including a Chevron Trend, the Summer Nautical and Red, White & Blue statements. Plus we Showed Our PINK on a whole new level last October.


I am so excited to see what lies ahead for fashion and trends in 2015 - and even more excited to see how old trends blend or repeat this season!

Happy New Year & Happy Accessorizing,


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