This summer at Lou Lou we can't get enough of THE FEDORA! (no really ... we created an entire window display for these bad boys because we {love} them so much).

If you haven't added one of these adorable staples to your summer attire ... then shame on you! ... because there is really no excuse.  Anyone can don the fedora: men, women, teens, tweens you name it! 

Right now Lou Lou has a huge selection of fun, spunky fedoras and here's the kicker: 
THEY ARE ONLY $18.00!!!

YES ... you CAN order yours online today right HERE!

Still skeptical? Think the fedora is not your 'thing'? Well think again! In a campaign recently launched for Immigration Reform celebrities showed us just how versatile the fedora can be! The important thing to notice here is HOW AMAZING A FEDORA CAN LOOK ON JUST ABOUT ANYONE - we'll leave  discussion about the campaign itself to a political blog! :-D

Okay ... we can't emphasis how necessary a fedora is any more than we already have. So our only suggestion is that you at least take a look at what you COULD be wearing out this weekend!

{love} lou lou

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