Bright & Bold Blocks of Color!

Color blocking is a chic and effective fashion technique that we can all use. It's a combination of wearing multiple solid colors within an outfit. The simplicity of this look demands accessories to add and complete it. So don't be shy! This look is bold and beautiful, and particularly appealing because it is foolproof!

How do you color block? Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

1) Start with a base color, neutral or bright (for summer, we can't hep but embrace the brights). Choose whatever you feel most comfortable wearing and then mix it up with a few different colors. Sometimes, it can get complicated pairing completely different colors, so try two or three until you master your own combination techniques! 
In this photo, Mariana went with with a comfortable blue base,
and took on some bright green and orange accessories against her hot pink top!
2) Once you've created your color-blocked outfit, the next step is to accessorize (my favorite part)! Almost any color would add the finishing touch to a color block outfit! You can really add to a color blocked style by choosing bright accessories. You can color block your accessories with hues already found in your outfit, or be bold and daring with a mixture of colorful jewelry and a different colored bag!
Again, Mariana was comfortable wearing her "go-to" blue jumper! But she brightened it up using our color blocking suggestions!

3) The next step to complete the look, is hairstyle –keep it clean and simple. Pull it back into a high-bun or with a headband, wear it straight down, or make your ponytail fashionably chic. Let your pretty face be the most interesting detail!!

There are some things you may want to avoid with this trend. Too many prints, patterns and can take away from your bright and bold look, and delicate pieces of jewelry tend to get lost in a look as bold as this! People are sometimes afraid of too much color, but don't be afraid to take a risk and start mixing and matching your bright summer colors!

Color blocking is a look that is clean, bright, crisp and fresh – just like your attitude when you wear it. So, don't soften the look; you're meant to be bright, bold and beautiful. 

Happy Color Blocking!

Fashionably Yours,


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