Polished & Accessorized by Chaela Schalin

Are you a huge fan of the Southwestern trend that is popping up everywhere? Are you not sure how to make a smooth hue transition into your Fall wardrobe with this Summer end trend? Well what better way to stay Polished and Accessorized than with nail polish itself! One of my favorite ways to accessorize new season purchases, and make last year’s wardrobe feel special, is with nail polish! As a product crazed makeup enthusiast, and self proclaimed nail polish hoarder who owns 60+ shades, I say there is a nail polish for every outfit, mood and occasion. If it's the right brand, with enough layers and a top coat applied, the shade will last days to accessorize several looks. I don't discriminate when it comes to picking out shades (and obviously I don't filter either). I've used polish made by drug store friendly brands such Sally Hansen and Color Club to the leading competitors, OPI and Essie.  Picking out the right polish is key. Whether I'm in the market for a few new shades for the season, a quick polish pick me up, or on a mission to match the perfect shade with an outfit for the evening, the choice for me is almost always instinctual. Then again sometimes it's just downright impulsive.

Heading West

All that said, when it came to the Southwestern trend of mixing red and turquoise stones with gold, silver and leather, to saddle back into Fall I immediately thought of a turquoise nail polish shade as being perfect to go along for the ride! OPI's shade "MyDogsled is a Hybrid", is a great match up to one of the Fall seasons hottest trends. Just like your wardrobe, you don't want to make a drastic change from your Summer pastel and poppy hues to vampy Fall shades. This particular nail polish shade encompasses a key aspect of both the Summer and Fall seasons to make the perfect transition. It's a shade of green that's soft yet vibrant enough for both seasons. Pop two coats of this on, and pair with a tassels, silver, red and turquoise galore, to get the perfect Southwestern Chic look!

Polished by Yours Truly!

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