Who loves casual Friday?! 
After a week of pencil skirts and blouses (even though we {love} pencil skirts & blouses) who doesn't want a day at work to get to wear something really fabulous?!  Our twist: BE FABULOUS & PROFESSIONAL!
We like to think of this look as something that could be worn from work to "Happy Hour" on a Friday and continue through the night! Let's face it, when you have an outfit that looks this good there is NO NEED to go home and change!
We accessorized this perfect casual Friday outfit with some necessary pieces! The simple long necklace adds a nice accent to the top without being overpowering (that top is amazing without any accessories ... but we can't help but to accessorize daily). 
This watch is a favorite of ours! It definitely has a "put-together" look to it without being too boring! We couldn't leave the other wrist bare so we took another thin-simple piece and made a crisp-playful look!
How about that bag?! It is the perfect mix of practical and fashionable ... with a long strap option you can't go wrong with a neutral colored bag for the weekdays!
One of the best parts of this look is the blazer! A blazer can really give your casual look a professional edge! Don't be afraid to add a blazer to your closet even if your job doesn't require you to have one! These little gems look great on just about ANYONE! 
Then when you're out for drinks take the blazer off and rock just the top and accessories! We went with a slick high pony so we could show off the dangle earrings and have that professional look all the same!

{love} lou lou
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