The Perfect Bridesmaids Gift under $100

Calling all Brides to Be!

Almost every girl dreams about the day she gets married. Will it be a big or small wedding? Will it be indoor or outdoor? What are my colors? How many guests do we invite? The list goes on and on.  As for me, I never really knew what type of wedding I wanted, but that quickly changed the day I got engaged! At times I tend to be a bit indecisive, so image the irony of having to plan a wedding! 

Luckily, the one thing that came easy was picking my lovely bridesmaids. Being a bridesmaid is a huge honor, a lot of responsibility and sometimes can be quit costly. So I knew I wanted to give them all something special for saying, “Thank you for being a part of my special day!”
All of my bridesmaids are extremely different! Different ages, different styles and they definitely all have different taste! So I thought of the idea that instead of giving them all one gift that mostly likely half of them will hate, I created a gift bag that consists of several little items that can be used on a daily basis.

First is the Muche Muchette Striped Sequin Tote. It’s now at 50% off on the website ($20), and it’s the perfect tote for summer! It’s a very light weight bag that is great for taking to the beach or pool. The variety of colors we offer on the website gives you many choices to pick for each bridesmaid.

Now, what gifts to put inside the tote? The first thing that comes to mind is the Stud Muffin Mini Emergency Kits! At $18, it has all the necessities you would need on a wedding day or any day! The pouch includes 17 must-haves: hairspray, clear nail polish, nail polish remover, emery board, lip balm, earring backs, safety pin, Shemergency® tape and stain remover, just to name a few.

Next are the new fringe products! They’re fantastic! The soap smells amazing and the jewelry trays are beautifully made! And most importantly, it’s reasonably priced. Retailing between $8 and $25, you can mix and match the trays and soaps to make your own personal collection.

Lastly, the accessories for the big day! The Peace Tree Drops for $15 are a great option to put the final touches on my gifts to my beautiful bridesmaids!
Some other great things you could include in the tote bag are Initial Necklaces for $15, Dog-eared Make-a-Wish Necklace for $32, pearl stud earrings for $10 and Soap and Paper Company Hand Cream and Bubble Bath for $18 each.

As an upcoming bride to be, I want my bridesmaids to feel special, just like they deserve. Through all the chaos of planning a wedding, with their help, they have managed to keep me calm and actually enjoy this process!

We have so many great options on the website to create gift bags for every special bridesmaid! Be creative, mix and match, and have fun with all the product!



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