Fashionable Ways to Tie a Scarf

Not a scarf person? Or know someone who thinks they aren't a scarf person? Well, that's what our very own buyer thought too ... until she learned this very cool new trick! Watch this video, and then check out some her favorite scarves this season and get some quick tips about how and where to wear them!

It’s that time of year, girls… the leaves are falling, the wind is blowing, and the summer sun is packing up and going home for a while. But fashion is still calling our name! Winter is just around the corner and we know all our fashionistas out there are ready to serve up the hottest cold weather looks of the season! 

Scarves are a great and easy way to stay both cute and warm on the daily. There are so many ways to wear fashion scarves, and everyone has a preference. At lou lou, we are here to guide you through this and remind you of your options. Stay pretty and bold this season with some of these tips!

An infinity scarf is the ultimate cold weather accessory. It wraps easily around your neck in a perfect circle, and can be doubled up or left in a single loop. They tend to be more voluminous than a conventional scarf, so they’re great for keeping warm. Plus, they look totally amazing. Definitely pair your infinity scarf with any winter look this season. 

A traditional scarf is so incredibly versatile and most people have no idea. It’s time to embrace the possibilities, ladies! Tie a scarf in a braid or knot and wear it loosely around

your neck. For a cool and unique look, pick two of your favorite scarves and loop them around your neckline alongside each other. A simple pashmina scarf is perfect for this trick!

For nights out, pick your favorite long scarf and wrap it gently around your shoulders or elbows. You’ll look like an elegant lady reminiscent of decades past. This is such an easy look — and is definitely in this winter 2014.

Never underestimate the importance of tradition. Wear your scarf in a classic knot or loop for any occasion. We love pairing our scarves with delicate jewelry options and bold colors. This season, look for fashion scarves in fun patterns and stunning shades. You really do not want to be as drab as the weather this year! 

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