Stylish vs Fashionable

I had a very funny/fun  thing happen to me at the show in New York this past week that got me thinking. The whole time there I was truly excited and inspired by the world going on around me while realizing that I am so blessed to experience it. I could not even narrow down what I wanted to choose as a subject to share with you because so much is happening in the fashion world:

then I met this amazing woman (owner of kiki risa Clothing)
She was outside of the hotel trying to figure out Uber but it wasn't coming.  The doorman was looking for a taxi for me when we discovered we were going to the same place. We started to talk and figured out that we have a lot in common (except that she is 7 years younger than me and has 3 more children than I do which means she has 6)!
As we are talking she very bluntly says, "well I don’t consider either of us fashionable, but style is just something that you are born with." At that point I think that I wanted to either cry or jump out of the taxi, because I thought I looked very "New York like" in black, with my new cool shoes. After the shock of her telling me that I wasn't fashionable but stylish I realized that she gave me the biggest complement ever…

This was my out fit:
Black Dress by Splendid | Black Rib-Stitched Cardigan by J. Crew

Circus Slip-on Sneakers by Sam Edelman

Roll On Artisan Bracelets by Aid Through Trade

I believe that she meant was that we both were our true-selves and our style was our own fashion. Both of us may be a little rough around the edges but we laughed and talked together all 20 minutes of our cab ride. We probably should have just gone to lunch but there really was work to be done!

All of us are born with our own style. Capturing, identifying and expressing it through fashion is the true challenge. Be confident, take fashionable risks but if you are uncomfortable don’t do it or at least don’t do it again.


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