Embelished & Headband Styles

Hey ladies! Having a bad hair day? Maybe you just don’t look forward to waking up early and primping. Not everyone is a morning person! Well luckily, you’ve got a lot of super cute and easy options to keep yourself looking cool, pretty and confident throughout your day. Embelished and forehead headbands will do just the trick. Forehead headbands lie lightly on the top of your head for your comfort and convenience, and embellished headbands add a little flare to any outfit. Headbands can push your hair back away from your face or keep it firmly in place — they’re extremely versatile. Check out our styling tips for some inspiration, and this quick video of our buyer Kelli talking about why headbands are the "it" accessory this season!
 A hippie headband is a simple way to bring light and good vibes to even your most basic look. They are generally thin and with lovely, intricate designs. Keep your hair looking vintage glam with these boho options. 
A  forehead headband is a cool and flirty look that any awesome lady can rock. Wear it just under your natural hairline for a slight optical illusion. Make a quick messy braid or bun that doesn't take much time, and throw the headband on to complete the look.
A thin and simple cord wrapped across the forehead is the ultimate road to an effortless look. Try one in a solid color for days when you want to say, “I’m here, and I’m flawless.” Own the straightforward look like you were born for it. 

Turban headbands are cute and comfortable options for all occasions. Whether you’re off to the gym, a day at the beach, or a fun night out with your girls, a turban headband is going to look adorable and retro. With winter weather right around the corner, we are excited about the winter version of these turban headbands. 
Don't forget, that all of these forehead headbands can be worn as a regular headband just as easily, and you still get that stylish fun look the classic way! We also have a great selection of embellished headbands perfect for a holiday party or an evening gala!


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