Clean Out Your Closet; I did!!

Fall is almost here, officially September 23rd. School has started. The holidays are approaching quickly as well as the cool weather.
My closet is scary! It is full of clothes and I have nothing to wear! Summer is such an easy season because throwing on your favorite dress looks great. Fall outfits take a little more coordination, but layering is fun and when done correctly gives you a very fashionable and deliberate look.

I am just going to dive in and hopefully will be able to part with the things that just sit there and are never worn. They just take up space and make me mad that I bought them in the first place.

Tips on organizing:

If you haven’t worn something in five years it has to go! Don’t even think your girls might someday want to wear it; I tried with these and think they are right!
If it does not fit, and you have to lose more than 5 pounds to wear it; get it out. Don’t even think “once I start my 30 minute P90X that amazon just delivered that will look great”: if that really happens, anything will look great and there will definitely be shopping rewards for all of that hard work. 
Yes, that is it; still in the box.

Jeans: if the wash is still somewhat close to how they started and you have worn them in the last three months, keep them.
If the washes are all washed away and cuts are out of date give them away; even good jeans lose what was special about the wash after five years.
Much to my surprise I had already parted with the ones that look like this:
Great fit but this look is finished.

If it is broken, ripped, or faded, get rid of it. If you are keeping it for the memories take a picture or save a piece of it.
I bought this 20 years ago in Paris; I wore it so many times but it has to go.

Shoes and Accessories:
These take a slightly different mindset to purge because they all probably still fit, and who wants to break in a new pair of shoes?
Keep the good shoes: there are great cobblers but if it's a dirty worn out pair of Converse; replace them.
 If the boots are permanently slouchy and won’t fix ever, or the heel is from 1980 something ... someone else, somewhere else, might want them but you really can’t wear them.
 Accessories don’t take as much space and can truly change a good base into something great; try to organize them so you can get to them when you want them.
If it is something that you paid $20 or under  and is broken and can’t be fixed, get rid of it.
If you never wear it and probably never will: donate it.
 Now that some old things are out …
Try replacing them with some of these new trends.


 Out After:
 There is so much reward after it is done. Dressing is easier and faster. And there is room for more!!


Fall is my favorite season!
Have fun!!

P.S. suggestions for donating old items:
lou lou’s annual charity pick: Dress for Success, DC you can donate here

J. Crew will give you a $20 credit towards a new pair of jeans until September 30 if you bring in an old pair to be recycled.

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