In my experience I have learned that neutral accessories are a year round staple, and neutral jewelry with a little sparkle, shimmer or jewels adds a hint of elegance to a piece making it a perfect accessory to add to just about any outfit. 

 A neutral elegance trend can be worn by anyone, it's as simple as finding your light grey bejeweled necklace and pairing it with your burgundy button-up. Playing down the bold color of the blouse, while adding a little edge with the shine and shape of the jewels.
When I think of neutral elegance, my sister, Karen is at the top of my list.  She wears the layers of soft beige's and whites with inspirational ease.  Every time we travel together (and I am always waiting on her somewhere) her entrance is memorable and beautiful.  She is always ready to impress, but never unapproachable.  She combines multiple neutral tone pieces and  uses juxtaposition by pairing the neutral tones with multiple textures and materials. The image of her gold and diamond Chopard necklace, paired with a wood medallion bison (symbolizing strength) is the image I can imagine of her and her style of neutral elegance.
My sister Karen in the Bison necklace I mentioned above.
Her base is usually a pair of neutral white jeans, she broke the white jean rule
a long time ago and it totally works with her neutral elegance style!
The greatest thing about a neutral elegance trend is that it can apply to so many looks and styles, while still illustrating the same neutral elegance idea. You can layer neutral accessories on neutral outfits, like my sister, breaking it up with varying textures and styles, or you can tone down bold or bright colors with your neutral elegance pieces also.
At the end of the day, you can never be disappointed with having neutral elegant pieces in your collection, and you can be sure to find these pieces all year long at lou lou! Connect with your style and love! (That's what Karen does, and it works!!)

Fashionably Yours,

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