Our newest window theme is up! 
Lou Lou prides itself on our unique, and beautiful window themes, and we are particularly excited about this newest theme "Picture Yourself in Neon". 

The theme itself was the collaborative idea of the entire staff of our Alexandria location, and we were thrilled to take that idea and implement it at each of our stores. 

Each picture frame was individually hand painted by our incredibly talented and imaginative merchandiser Manuel Simpson! We LOVE the way it turned out!

What do you think?? Leave us a comment on our Facebook page and tell us what you think! Have an idea you'd like to see implemented in our windows?? We LOVE to get new ideas, go on Facebook and leave us your ideas... maybe your creative idea will be next!

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  1. Hello! What a great idea and THANK YOU for having my badge on your blog, I'm Very Busy Mamá. I really do LOVE your boutique and so many people felt the same after reading my post about it. Have a great summer and I need to come by ASAP!