Jewelry Tattoos

It’s hot, it’s sunny and you’re ready for the weekend. What better place to spend your free time than by the pool, on the beach or participating in any outdoor activities? Summertime is all about having fun and being with family and friends. Due to the scorching hot climates, especially in the DC metro area, my spare time would preferably be spent by the pool! I love lounging all day with my friends who make everything a good time!! Aside from having a really cute swimsuit and summer hat, the newest trend in women’s accessories are the new JEWELRY TATTOOS!! They are the perfect little add-on to complete your pool or beach attire.


 Swimming with your best jewelry and accessories is such a risk! Losing your favorite necklace or bracelet is so devastating because it is most likely irreplaceable! But have no fear, JEWELERY TATTOOS ARE HERE! They’re the perfect replacement for any piece of jewelry. You can swim and shower with the tattoos as it takes 5-7 days for it to fade! How awesome is that?!! Nonetheless, they are so cute too!! We have many designs available on the website in gold and silver. One celebrity that has been known to sport these Jewelry Tattoos is the lovely Beyonce’. She has posted MANY Instagram pictures showing off her love for the Jewelry Tattoos. It just goes to show that these tattoos are ALL THE RAGE!!!  They’re fun, fashionable and affordable for all!!! Our tattoos are $12 or $22. 


Remember lou lou Fashionistas, you can wear these tattoos with not just beachwear but with everyday summer attire too! It’s just a fun new way to accessorize without wearing actual jewelry. Make sure you hop on this new trend before summer is over!! I know, I already have mine and can’t wait to wear them on my next vacation….my honeymoon!!! =)


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