GEOMETRIC SHAPES: Find The Artist In You

I have always been inspired by geometric shapes; alone, in combinations, & in all colors. When my associate buyer found some amazing geometric jewelry, we knew that it would be something new, different & most of all wearable! 
We are always looking for ways to connect to our customers, and encourage the creativity of our customers through fashion. Our merchandiser, social media group and store managers team up to come up with fantastically creative ways to get your attention & inspire you! Through our windows, store displays, web design & most recent blog posts our ideas come to life! We do not get these ideas from trend reports or by copying others, but from an innate connection that we all have from the influences in our lives.
This geometric trend for example instantly reminded  me of the work of French-Hungarian artist, Vasarely, and a unique, personal experience I had where I was very first intrigued by geometric shapes & art. 
Victor Vasarely Artwork
In the 1980's my mother and her best friend took me on an unforgettable visit to Vasarely's museum in Aix-en-Provence. His connection of geometric shapes causing  an optical illusion called op-art, was just incredible! I was captivated by all the lines, shapes and colors! Vasarely created geometric art that was fun and creative! 
My mom & her friend in front of the museum! Even the architecture is amazing!
Our idea behind our fashion geometric trend is the same idea! Whether large or small, the geometric trend is cutout for all wardrobes. It's fun with patterns featured in all shapes, dimensions and color combos. Choose a part of your outfit or an accessory to feature this bold textile and pair with solids. Your wardrobe is like a canvas, connect shapes and pieces to create fun lines and still stay structured! 
It's my goal to connect to you, inspire you, and leave you with a sense that we are all connected in a bigger way! As Vasarely would say, "Art for all!" Fashion is art, and I hope you notice the geometric shapes all around you while you are shopping this weekend, and think about how you can connect shapes & colors like Vasarely did, to create a really unique and fun new look for yourself!
Fashionably Yours,


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