SUNGLASSES: The necessary accessory!

I realized today in the pickup line at my children's school why sunglasses are our focus at the moment.  I couldn't  see a thing but was soooo happy to be looking straight into the big, warm sun that is going to melt away this winter weather. I reached for my sunglasses but was too late, my beautiful, blond, 11 year old daughter beat me to them. She then turned up the radio so loud I couldn't ask for them back…lucky for her it was my favorite song, Passenger’s, “Let Her Go”!  And I did.

Extremely  fashionable sunglasses, great quality, and a great price. That was my goal when looking for a sunglasses company. Lucky for me (and you) I found AJ Morgan, a company that was a perfect fit for lou lou! Their designer and I had similar visions when starting our companies. His designs are influenced by travels and many styles.
Sunglasses are by no means NEW to the world of fashion... but sometimes they are the after thought.  People think of sunglasses as the necessary accessory: to keep the sun out of your eyes, but there is something very fashion forward about the right pair of sunglasses. I like to think of sunglasses as the necessary accessory: practical AND fashionable!
We have a brand new collection of AJ Morgan sunglasses on the web and in our shops. My favorite pair right now is the 2 bar aviator in rosegold. A classic with a twist can never go wrong! The rose gold is so soft and compliments many skin tones. Check our our collection here!
Fashionably Yours,