Hang Onto Your Charms

Lou Lou has started a whole new world of window displays! With a big thanks to our merchandiser, Manuel Simpson, Lou Lou has opened up a new realm of creativity, fun and style. Right now our windows are filled with charms and hangers, portraying what we put together as Hang Onto Your Charms!  Each store window and display is set up different, using different props and pieces; this is the fun of Lou Lou! You can’t understand the art and specialness until you actually see them yourself, but here are some shots from a few different shops, just to give you an idea. Go to a couple of our shops and see for yourself what art we are talking about!

Did I mention we have charms?? Because of this theme we have brought in very unique, and adorable charm pieces! We have TONS, at every location. You can find a charm necklace for anyone at Lou Lou… from compasses, and clocks, to fish, and hearts! These charms make great gifts and are unbelievably affordable…. Don’t believe me? Go see for yourself!

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